Tips to Optimize the Landing Page

Landing page is the most vital page as far as SEO services are concerned. Any SEO services company in Pune would know its significance. However, it can be used in a better way only if it’s optimized in a better way. Thus, if you’re looking for the ways to optimize the landing page then given ahead are some interesting guidelines on which you need to pay attention to. If you aren’t aware much about optimizing the landing page then it might be difficult for you to design the page that’s relevant and has the appropriate content. This is when you require the assistance of professionals that can assist you to design it well.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Tips to Optimize Landing Page
Get an Identifiable Title: When you are in the process of placing a title for the page, you need to ensure that it’s recognizable and provides a clear hint regarding the web page. Merely using a wrong title at the top will not make any kind of sense and by doing this, you will not be able to attract the targeted audiences. Many people don’t have the required time to go through the content over the web page and this is when they prefer to read the title only. Thus, using a recognizable and meaningful title can prove to be extremely helpful as with this your landing page could be visible to more target audience.

Importance of Quality Content: It’s very important to have quality content on your web page because this is something that can help you in communicating the right message to your targeted audiences. When you use text, images or videos over your website you need to make sure that these are related to your business and will act as promoted for your site. Search engines generally give more significance and priority to the quality of content placed over the site.

Main Points at Top: Having main points at the top is one of the basic tips for effective optimization of the landing page. There are few audiences that don’t waste any time through reading the complete document on the site. They will only scan it and go through the main points placed at the top. Thus, ensure that you always place the main points at the top of the web page.

These are some of the vital tips you can use to optimize your landing page and gain more visibility.

What is ERP Software to Industry?

Until the 90s, organizations, whether small, medium or big, would knock at the doors of management consultants for solutions to the several problems faced by them. Based on particular case studies, past statistics, time motion linear programming, the projected trends and in house counseling and workshops, the consultants used to provide remedial suggestions. Most of the time, all these efforts meant to economize on the factor of time, cost the company in a great way as they were extremely time consuming. Luckily, the given scenario would sound like a fairy tale, thanks to the advances witnessed in information and communication technology. Today, for a software development company in Pune, it has become possible to address all the hurdles in any venture with apt application of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and it’s the ERP software companies that have facilitated the desired solutions.

ERP Software

ERP Software

ERP software is nothing but a package incorporating integrated applications in the overall management of an organization. With the software apps, both at the macro as well as micro levels, data from each segment is compiled for a thorough analysis of the facts and figures. The ERP software covers the following key issues for the optimum functioning of an organization. It specifies the progressive index for both the spheres of services and products.

  • Personnel, which includes periodical performance appraisal in the various tiers of management
  • Budgeting and Accounting
  • Inputs and raw material procurement
  • Logistics
  • Quality control
  • Energy audit
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Feedback from branches and downstream set-ups

Though, reports suggest that ERP software packages are available free on the internet, it would be a wise step to consult and retain the services of an expert provider of solutions. A client also stands to gain in view of the scope for training of the staff in operating the system. Apart from this, post package maintenance and support are also extended by the ERP software provider. In a nutshell, suitable software and technology platforms enable high-end and technically advanced solutions for any organization.

Important Steps for Better Website Development Process

Launching a new website or redeveloping an existing one might sound simple, however, there’s actually a lot to consider before you get into the world of web development. A website is not a product but a service and this makes it all the more challenging to select a web development agency. And it’s a fact that around 80% of companies have had not so good experience when it comes to launching a website. Some reasons for this are:

  • Web development is fairly new industry with very little standards
  • It’s quite hard to understand as to what you’re buying, which leads to unrealistic expectations
  • It takes much more time to properly define the development process than it does to create the entire site
  • The plan for website development is often defined by the client rather than being a joint decision between the agency and the client
  • It’s tough to find good web marketing employees and they are quite expensive for agencies to hire

Getting a website is not that easy as it may seem. It goes far beyond simply figuring how much space you need to cover and what types of materials you need to get the job done. When it comes to building a website, no requirement or project is quite like the other.

Steps for a Better Website Development Process

Know Your Goals: Your organization must come into the building process with a clear picture of what you’d like to achieve from a business point of view and not in terms of website features and layout. How do you measure the project’s success? What experience does the user want and require? How can you make their visit to your website a success? Several people have the tendency to look at the competitor’s website for answers. It’s better to look at what you’re trying to achieve instead.

Select a Price Range: You can ensure that your money gets its worth only by establishing clear business objectives and a price range. The agency will lay out the options that matches the best for your business requirements. Through this, they will finalize the price point so you know where your money is being spent.

Website Development Process

Website Development Process

: For speeding up the development process, the best thing you can do is let the team come up with their own ideas for meeting your business objectives. Of course, you should be providing feedback in regard to their ideas, but ensure to keep it at business level instead of honing in on features. You need to work with the team at the agency as friends and partners. This will create an ease of interaction throughout the project and ensure better end results.

Have Confidence on the Agency to Help Conclude an End Figure

The best question to ask your probable web development company is not the cost of the website, but how their team will work with you to achieve the objectives of your business. You need to trust their expertise and capability to identify your objectives and decide what it takes to reach them.

A lot of trust is involved in the process of building a website. You must trust the web development in Pune company as it will then provide you quality service to the best of their ability and knowledge, at the same time meeting your price requirements.

How to Speed up your Website?

One of the most vital factors affecting the usability of the websites is the time it takes to load. Most visitors will just skip a site totally if it fails to load within a couple of seconds. Given ahead are some simple yet affective ways to ensure that your website is running fast.

Speed up your Website

Speed up your Website

Ways to Speed up Your Website

Optimize Images: Ensure to always use the ‘Save for the Web’ feature included on image editing software. Ensure that you optimize the images as they represent the heavier load on virtually any website. You can also turn to an online image optimizer if you wish.

Image Formats: It’s also vital that you select the correct format besides optimizing the images. JPEG format is appropriate for photographs or true color images. The GIF format must be used with flat color images such as buttons or logos. Also, PNG works very similar to GIF, however, it supports more colors.

Use Slash on your Links: When a user in a website designing in Pune company opens a link on the form ‘’ the server will need to figure what kind of file or page is contained on that address. If you include a slash (/) at the end of the link the server will already know that it’s a directory page, lessening the site’s load time.

Optimize the CSS: Nowadays, most websites are designed with CSS. Ensure to aggregate and clean your CSS. Clean CSS is an online tool that merges similar selectors, remove useless properties and takeout the white space from your code.

Make use of Width and Height Tags: Several people forget to add the width and height tags on image codes. Those tags will ensure that the browser knows the image size prior to loading it. The result is that it will reserve a spot for the images while loading the rest of the page, thus speeding up the entire process.

Lessen the HTTP Requests: When you open a web page, every object whether it’s scripts, images or the line, will need a round trip to the server. This latency can help add many seconds to the load time of your site. Ensure you lessen the number of objects and combine CSS files and scripts together.

Is Search Engine Marketing the way to Go for Business?

It’s generally seen that a success or failure of a business determines its marketing strategy. The best products can decline and the lesser ones can scale great heights just because of a marketing strategy. A lot of people carryout out their business on the web by selling several products. Thus in this age of internet and technology, it’s important to have a web presence for succeeding in any business. You need the best marketing strategies to market your goods really well on the web. Making use of the affordable search engine marketing is the best way to go about the marketing strategy on the web. It goes without saying that every business works under a pre-set budget. And, for any web designing services provider in Pune, affordable search engine marketing is the best way to go.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

If you are present on the web for doing business then making all efforts to tell people about your site could fetch you great results. It’s because until you tell people about your web presence, no one will come to know about your website. You can try Search Engine Optimization for promoting your site on the web. As far as SEM is concerned, you can begin with affiliate marketing programs, pay per click advertising, internet marketing and content optimization and management. It’s vital to have a proper research prior to actually going about starting any business on the web. Conducting a research means that you decide on a budget, on the marketing strategy and also find out what marketing strategy and also determine as to who the target audience of your product is. Also, through the research you can determine which marketing strategy is working and which is not. While selecting your marketing strategy, keep in mind the choice and preference of your target audience, because what’s the use of any search engine marketing strategy if you aren’t able to reach out to your prospective clients.

Undertaking affordable search engine marketing helps your business in two ways. The first one is that your restricted budget lets you afford the marketing strategy. Secondly, you would have adopted those marketing strategies that are bound to bring positive results to your business. Adopting the search engine marketing strategy which can be afforded is the way to go to come on top with huge competition on the web today.

Things to Know when Selecting a SEO Company

Are you looking for a company that can rank your keywords and optimize your website well? If yes, then you’re on the right page. If you’ve read about SEO in Pune then you would know that the primary task of a SEO company is to increase the traffic on the website. It’s the backbone of a website. A website is nothing but an ordinary webpage without proper optimization, which is almost non existent to the search engine and the net surfers. No visitor searches hundreds of result pages to go for a website, rather prefer logging in those sites which are present on the first page of a search engine. The others are always ignored. It’s always important to be careful while opting for a SEO company. Always avoid those fraud companies that give you fake assurance to give you good results within a week. This is not possible, as optimization requires long time and it almost takes 3 to 4 months to get good results.

SEO Services Company

SEO Services Company

Increasing the traffic of a website is the sole purpose of a SEO company. The more the traffic of the website, the better is the chance to be successful in the online business. The SEO company optimizes a website in such as way that it gets ranked higher in the search engine when searched by an user using a keyword. The higher it goes up in the list, the more number of individuals get to see it. Now you might wonder as to what the SEO services provider company actually does for optimizing a website. What they actually do is add keyword, key phrases, links and meta tags on the website. Keywords and key phrases are those that are used by the net surfers while searching on a search engine. These are used with perfect prominence and frequency in the website content.

Linking the website with another high ranked website is another important task carried out by the optimizers. When the visitors log on to those higher ranked website, they find the link of your website in the pages of that site. This linking helps to a great extent to increase the traffic of the website.  The users get access to your site when they find it in the pages of those superior sites and all of their traffic are also diverted to your site. In your search of a good SEO company, you must ensure that all the above points are covered by them so that your have your site on top of the search engine.

Web Development Points for Consideration

Developing a marvelous website for your organization requires a lot of steps in the entire thought process for it, as it’s for sure not a matter of joke. While you consider building an admirable site for your brand, you certainly need to focus on some aspects. This is very important for making your site look and function good so that you have a good business and reputation among your clients. Web design as well as development is a unique skill that’s focused for creating content presentations that can be delivered through the World Wide Web through web site enabled software and other clients to an end user. Some also compare web designs to a book wherein, a website is equal to a book and the web pages resemble the pages of the book. The websites could also be referred to as information display containers that comprise the data which the specific designer intends to show.

Website Development

Website Development

There are some aspects that a website development services in Pune company must focus on while making the site a remarkable one:

  • Aim: You must judge the purpose of building the site before you actually start developing it. Here, you need to understand as well as evaluate the main aim for building the site. In simple words you need to understand and evaluate whether the site being developed is built from business perspective or from the perspective of Ecommerce.
  • Site Map: You must have a well formed site map for developing your website. A site map is usually regarded as a map that contains a single page or a list of several pages that’s primarily used as a document of planning for the purpose of web designing as well as developing a site.
  • Layout and Color: You need to have a proper plan for the color and layout of your site prior to the beginning of the process of developing your site. This is important as the colors that you opt for using on your site eventually affect the sentiments of the targeted audience. It’s only due to the impact created by the colors on your site that the targeted audience would want to approach you and avail your services and products.

There’s no shortage of website developing companies in the market these days, however, you ought to be more selective in selecting a one for your project. It must be a company with good reputation and reliability. 

Insights of Software Development Life Cycle

You might be surprised, but it’s true that many of them who are into software development still don’t know as to what is software development life cycle. It’s quite strange, however, is the fact. Software development life cycle is nothing but a step-by-step process involved in the development of a software product. It’s also denoted as software development process in certain cities of the world. The entire process is usually classified into a set of steps and a particular operation will be carried out in each of the steps.

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle

One can totally classify the entire process as; planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance. Each of these steps of the process possess its own significance and plays a vital part. The description of some of the steps can give a better understanding .

This is the initial and primary stage in the development and one of the most vital stages. The primary aim is to plan the total project and to estimate the merits as well as the demerits of the project. This phase includes the definition of the intended system, development of the project plan and parallel management of the plan right through the proceedings.

Performing statistics and requirement gathering are the primary aim of this phase. The requirements for the project are decided as well as gathered by a software development in Pune company, based on the analysis of the project and as a result of the influence of the results of the planning phase.

The design phase begins, once the analysis or investigation is over. The main purpose is to create the architecture of the total system. This is one of the vital stages of the process and is known to be a benchmark stage, since the errors are carried out until this stage and and can also be cleaned during this stage.

In software development life cycle, this phase is considered to be one of the final stages, and also the phase where the final adjustments are made prior to presenting the totally developed software to the end user. Here, the tester encounters the problem of removing the bugs and logical errors.

Tips for Creating Effective Website Design with CSS3

CSS3 is primarily used in organizing the style and layout of web pages. It’s the latest standard in the CSS series. CSS3 provides an array of new trends to make an impact with your web designs. One can use CSS as a powerful tool in website designing and development, as it possesses several exciting new functions and features. A CSS3 refers to the technical stipulation of a layout. It makes sure that a web page will appear accurately the way the  website developer has specified. As a website designer offering website designing services, one has to look into the capabilities of CSS3 and make the most of it. The main work of CSS in the context of web designing is to make the web page more user friendly by removing several complications from it. The changes that it has brought into the market of website development are really astonishing. Making use of this function can really speed up the web designing and development process along with the speed of the website.

Web Design with CSS

Web Design with CSS

Benefits of Using CSS3

Good Search Engine Results

With the help of CSS 3, one can keep the HTML code quite cleaner which in turn helps search engine crawler in getting the real content from your site very easily. One can put any content anywhere in the web page and no longer each individual page needs to be simplified to replicate the new style. With the help of this website design technique, one will make much greater consistency throughout the site easily.

Lightweight Coding

If you look at the field of website development, no one likes to wait for anything coming. This condition is also true in loading of web pages. When the page of a website takes a lot of time to load, generally users leave that page. With the use of this function, web pages can be made lighter which will let the site to load faster.


As CSS3 format has been introduced, website designers have a lot to offer in development of a web page. This function lets changes and modifications to be made in individual modules. CSS3 format helps users in separating presentation from structures. When you start styling your content with CSS3 modules, you’d probably never want to go back to using the old tags for styling.

For determining the full potential of CSS3, you must use it. Remember, flexibility is the most useful features of using CSS.

KB9 News – Case Study

1.     Introduction

KB9 news is a cms site made for a Local news channel client  . It was made for a news channel which has presence in pune   . The Site contains live stream , flash players and sliders for video and images  . 

2.     client Profile

KB9 news offers news service via cable  the video channel deals in the news and video content for the localize district . they  have a television and cable service setup ready for the news broadcast in the pune district .


3.     Problem statement

   Since The client Runs a successful Business of News he wanted to Have a website which would be accessable to the people who wanted to learn Access his news online and would be able to view the live streame of the news broadcast , Thus increasing the reach of his news channel  .

4.      challenges

While discussing with the Client on his requirenment we had to decide fore-mostly on the technology , The template ,backend DB.

Since the client was clear of his idea on the site appearance and data in it we had to have number of conferences with him before the  design template was finalize . it was decided to go with pure php custom cms with the template that was finalize to meet all his requirenments .

The client also  wanted  a live stream and video players to play his live content and uploaded videos .


5.      technicalities

Technologies used were

a)      WordPress as the frontend and backend

b)      MySQL as Backend DB

c)      Jquery and Javascript

d)     Flash player to play video stream

e)      Integration with social networking sites .

6.      Snapshot and URL

  1. url :
  2. Front page
  3. KB9_home