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KB9 News – Case Study

1.     Introduction

KB9 news is a cms site made for a Local news channel client  . It was made for a news channel which has presence in pune   . The Site contains live stream , flash players and sliders for video and images  . 

2.     client Profile

KB9 news offers news service via cable  the video channel deals in the news and video content for the localize district . they  have a television and cable service setup ready for the news broadcast in the pune district .


3.     Problem statement

   Since The client Runs a successful Business of News he wanted to Have a website which would be accessable to the people who wanted to learn Access his news online and would be able to view the live streame of the news broadcast , Thus increasing the reach of his news channel  .

4.      challenges

While discussing with the Client on his requirenment we had to decide fore-mostly on the technology , The template ,backend DB.

Since the client was clear of his idea on the site appearance and data in it we had to have number of conferences with him before the  design template was finalize . it was decided to go with pure php custom cms with the template that was finalize to meet all his requirenments .

The client also  wanted  a live stream and video players to play his live content and uploaded videos .


5.      technicalities

Technologies used were

a)      WordPress as the frontend and backend

b)      MySQL as Backend DB

c)      Jquery and Javascript

d)     Flash player to play video stream

e)      Integration with social networking sites .

6.      Snapshot and URL

  1. url :
  2. Front page
  3. KB9_home